Oct 17, 2010


I don't know why but I've always liked it when my children called me mama instead of mommy or mom. They don't do it all the time. Just sometimes. Special times.

I've been hoping Ainsley would call me mama because, well honestly, it's easier to say. I've been positioning her lips while she vocalizes, essentially forcing her to say mama for nearly a year. Every time she's been so close but not quite able or willing to say it on her own. And I've been sad, knowing she just couldn't do it. I was starting to give up hope.

Saturday as we were preparing all our junk to finally, after 2 years of Steve being too busy at work, to have a yard sale. Yes, it's October. In Seattle. It's dicey. This weekend was beautiful but I'm sure next weekend will be rainy and all this work for naught. But I digress..... We were there for hours sorting 20 bags of used kids clothes. Pulling out stuff that Ainsley can wear (she's now wearing size 5). It was cute to see her trying to put stuff on by herself. Anyway...

She said MAMA. Just out of the blue. For no apparent reason. And I captured it on video for you to see and hear.

Of course as I explained in this post I can never be sure at least not until she's regularly using it in context. But it sounds right and I'll take it. Just in the nick of time she did it by herself. She turns 4 on Monday. Now I can say she's said her first few words, including mama, when she was three. It's funny, I've been thinking she's 4 for a long time. She's 3. Why do we always jump ahead of ourselves?! I'm excited to see what age 4 will bring. I'm one proud mama!


  1. wahoo!!!!! what a wonderful post!!! we are so happy to see and hear this thanks for sharing such a wonderful moment!!!


  2. Oh Susan that is beautiful!!
    Ainsley sounds so crystal clear sayin that special word. I am more than sure you are over the moon to hear her say Mama. I'm just a blubbering mess hear. LOVE!!
    Ainsley that is so wonderful.

    Happy Birthday to you sweet girl!
    Four.....where is the time going?
    Enjoy your special day Ainsley.

    All the love in the universe from me to you.

  3. Disregard my use of hear. When it should have read here.
    See what happens on my sleepless nights?

    Also I needed to hear her say it again(:

    Happy Birthday you little 4 year old!
    Happy Birthday Ainsley!

  4. Beautiful! Just beautiful!

    I hope she had a very happy birthday today.

    Happy Birthday Ainsley!!!


  5. Awesomeness! I find mama endearing too and my kids only use it on occasion as well. Interesting. Happy Birthday too, Miss Ainsley!

  6. Ditto - that was beautiful and awesome. I love the smile on her face at the end.

    Happy Birthday sweet Ainsley.

  7. Happy birthday Ainsley and what a wonderful present for Mama!! We are celebrating this week too. On Wednesday my baby will be 10. It does go fast.

  8. YEAH!!!! How exciting to see all of that hard work pay off. She is so amazing!

  9. For real?
    Anniversary on the 19th?
    What is up with us and all the eerie similarities?
    CRAZY...we were just destined to meet I think.

    Happy Anniversary I hope it was grand!

    All the love in the universe from me to you.

  10. Wow! Yay, Ainsley! We celebrate with you! So precious!