Oct 4, 2010

Life Is Not About Waiting

We've all heard the saying "Life is Not About Waiting For the Storm to Pass It's About Learning to Dance In the Rain". This is a good reminder for us all, but especially for parents of kids with special needs.

The saying may be true but let's face it.....there is a lot of rain. I think for special needs families it's more appropriate to say life is about looking for and making opportunities to dance in the rain.

Life is about picking apples in the rain, even when you don't want to, and.....

....doing so even when you know it means you will spend 5 hours making applesauce later.

Though that's what fall is all about, right? Happy October.
My absolute favorite month of the year!


  1. Beautiful Post Susan.
    Beautiful Images.

    I love October too, except when I moved to the wild wild west, I left the beautiful trees with all the beautiful leaves behind. My most favourite part of October are the leaves and we don't have many here.

  2. Wow. Great shots Susan. Beautiful Apples...are those from your own tree?

  3. Absolutely agree! I have been following your blog for awhile and I am inspired by Ainsley's journey through life. Watching her grow with your dedicated guidance is just great...I have a trach, too.

    Take care,
    Christamae www.caringbridge.com/ca/oellacz
    Ones Who Care