Jun 5, 2009

New Wheels

Today we got all the kids new "wheels". I was able to schedule a morning appointment at medical supply company to have Ainsley's gait trainer fitted. Luckily Steve had the day off so it was a perfect. I'd been thinking about getting the kids new bikes as a surprise gift for the summer since Evie and Adrian had outgrown their old ones. It occurred to me that it was a perfect opportunity to do it today since I wanted it to be a surprise and it's hard for Steve and I to get out without the other kids. We found two perfect bikes at two different shops and were able to buy them and get home before the kids came home on the school bus. We told them to come out to the patio to see Ainsley's new walker. Surprise! They then spent the next hour or so riding them in the confines of our tiny patio while Ainsley napped before we headed off to the school carnival.

Ainsley didn't have such a great time trying out her new wheels. Here the gait trainer is being adjusted. It's a complex piece of machinery and needed a lot of adjustment. We got the bigger frame because at 37 3/4" she would have outgrown the smaller one too quickly. But she needed the smaller arm troughs. It's a pretty good fit.

Here's she's reluctantly trying it out. We had to rush off to pick up Evie for a doctor appointment so she only tried it for a minute. Later we happened to talk to her therapist because we are having issues getting funding pre-approval for the walker (it should work out soon). She thinks it would be best to let Ainsley warm up to it before trying it again. So we'll try it again later in the weekend. So stay tuned hopefully for some happier pictures and maybe even video.

Here's Evie on her new wheels.

....And Adrian.

I'm hoping that by making it a big deal that everyone got new "wheels" I can trick Ainsley into thinking it's fun to use it. My plan is to take everyone to the school playground to ride their new wheels this summer. Maybe by fall she'll actually be walking.


  1. Cool wheels!! I am sure she will take off in no time at all!

  2. What a great idea. She might view her new wheels as work for a while. But hopefully she'll get past that soon so she can start cruisin' around. I'm excited for her and for you!