Jun 14, 2009

Ainsley Using the Gait Trainer

I've got some pictures and video for you of Ainsley using the new gait trainer (walker) that first weekend.

She went from this:

To this by the end:

To see more pictures of her using the gait trainer that day click this entire album link.

Here is video of her in action:

Although whether she likes it or not still depends a lot on her mood.

We got to bring it to therapy on Thursday to have the final adjustment. Ainsley's new nurse Carmela worked an extra day and came with us (I had to pick up Evie from a field trip to take her to her mandatory ballet dress rehearsal). She got to see what Ainsley does at "school". Ainsley enjoyed just standing in it while Triston (the teacher's aid) blew bubbles for her to pop. She tends to be an observer while at school so she didn't move much.

To see more pictures of her using the gait trainer at school click this entire album link.

We've got some practicing to do. But I'm hopefully that this gait trainer is just what she needs and soon she'll be able to use it to get around the house. At almost 3 years old all the crawling is getting hard on her poor bony knees. She's a trooper.


  1. She looks great in it. I hope that she'll take off soon! What a difference that will make. Once she builds up that strength, hopefully the rest will just fall into place.

  2. Love it! She looks so happy and pleased with herself. She's always so cute in her pictures and videos and she just keeps getting cuter!

  3. That picture of Ainsley and her dad is absolutely priceless! Wow! I'm just in awe at all Ainsley has accomplished over the last year. Thanks so much for sharing her progress with us.


  4. Tears tears tears,,of joy of course!!! LOVE LOVE IT!!

  5. Wow, i have been keeping up with your daughter and her progress and it is great to see her getting around. Pretty soon she'll have you running after her. =] (oh and i lve her middle name by the way. =] its the same as my baby girl)

    Take care and God bless.

  6. Hi Susan, Ainsley, and Family,

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    Look forward to reading many more of your posts! Happy blogging!

  7. I love the pic of Ainsley and her dad She looks so happy to be with him. Izzy has this look with Steven too! Daddy's girls huh! Hoping that you are doing well and that she is counting to gain confidence and strength with the gait trainer! when is the othro apt? ours in at the end of this mth.