May 14, 2009

What a Wonderful Sound!

Ainsley wore her cap again today for over an hour during "school". The distraction definitely helps. Then later tonight I was amazed at how much sound she was making. From the other room I could hear her giggling with her brother and ran to catch it on video. It turned out that she was actually pretty much plugged up with dry secretions and I didn't know it. Maybe she was still able to get a small amount of air through the trach but mostly she was using her mouth and nose as if she were capped. There really seems to be a difference and much more sound for her than if she is wearing the PMV. Not sure why that would be since it's the exhalation of air through the vocal cords that makes the sound and that is what the PMV does, forces the exhaled air up through airway and out the mouth and nose. I hope she'll continue to do well with the cap so she has more chances to make sound each day. You can hear her voice is still very hoarse from the scar tissue and swelling but it's music to my ears. Even if it's not talking and is just giggling over silliness.


  1. Such a sweet video! I love watching her giggle!

  2. I love brothers. They are the best at keeping the little ones entertained! That's a beautiful laugh and I know exactly how you feel!! It sounds like the PMV and capping is going fairly well. I don't understand it, either. Harlie wore her PMV for 8 solid minutes the other day - was doing FINE - and then took it off, put it in it's little container and said no to wearing it again. What? Why? There is no rhyme or reason and that's frustrating. If only we could get inside their heads sometimes...Sounds like progress at any rate - I just hope it's more steps forward than backward!!

    Keep on keeping on!

  3. It was wonderful to watch her giggle. I loved her smile towards the end of the video, when you ask her to say goodbye.