May 31, 2009

Capping in the Tub With Bubbles

As you know we've had a cap since January. Some days she'll do pretty well and wear it comfortably for 20 minutes. On an amazing day even up to 2 hours. On a not so great day seconds, building up to minutes. She always does better with a distraction like school bubbles. This was a fun thing to do. And it's a bonus to have the trach capped off during a bath since it's dangerous to have an exposed open hole leading into your lungs around water. She wasn't sure what to think about the bubbles sticking to her hands and arms. Pretty safe to say she had fun though. And we used it as an opportunity to work on the sign more. That's pretty good multi-tasking: working on sign language, capping, balance (sitting in the tub no hands) and fine motor (poking and transferring bubbles) while improving safety and getting clean all while having fun.

1 comment:

  1. lovely pictures!! she is beautiful!! i would say that is multitasking!! I love it though! are you doing SEE or ASL? We did SEE at children's and then ASL at Speach hearing and Deafness center. Izzy won't sign now unless I ignore her or I sign for her to come and she sings no you come here! ahh! when we said never stop fighting we should have said except with mom and dad:)