Dec 21, 2008

Two Months Post Nissen

It's the busiest time of year.....Christmas. I don't know if anyone will read this. Perhaps some of you are at home stuck in the snow. Steve took the kids outside to meet up with some neighbor kids and sled the hill. So it's just me and Ainsley inside. Although she reached for the door when she saw them leave so I think she'd rather be out with them but I think there is just a bit too much snow for her today. I might lose her.

I noticed the date and realized that we are two months post Nissen Fundoplication today and wanted to quickly say that she is STILL VOMIT FREE! And she is pretty much back to regular feedings. We've been able to give her a 8oz boluses of her pureed foods and had no adverse reaction. So I now feel pretty sure of announcing to the world that it was successful and she doesn't have any of the bad side effects that can go with this stomach surgery. (Although we can't judge any effect on her ability to swallow since she refuses to eat.) Yea! She's still up in weight by over three pounds and looks really healthy. I only wish we'd had it done when she got her G-tube at 9 months of age. Oh well, hind sight is 20/20.

The one unfortunate thing is that her beautiful incision that was so straight and fine widened and became raised after about a month. The doctor thought perhaps the scar has gone keloid and I'm keeping an eye on it and just hoping it stops. There isn't anything that can be done. It doesn't look too bad.

We haven't seen too much additional change in her airway since that first month. We're anxious to see Ainsely's new otolaryngologist on January 23rd. It will have been 3 months since the surgery and I would think that would be enough time to see the results of the absence of stomach acid exposure to her airway. It will be interesting to know if it was the stomach acid that caused the upper airway swelling. Perhaps not but at least now we'll know and be able to rule out one more thing.


  1. I am so glad the nissen has been a blessing!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and tell Ainsley it is so much nicer inside with mommy!!!

  2. Your little girl is something amazing!!! Wow! Just read through some of your posts and watched your videos and I have a huge smile on my face, what a fighter! We would love to photograph your hero and family through our organization if you are interested, please check out