Dec 16, 2008

Ruptured Eardrum Of Course

Last night Ainsley was acting fussy when we laid her down to sleep. Her alarms kept going off throughout the night and she would stir and wake us up. I thought maybe it was her stomach because we gave her a bolus of puree and then Steve accidentally hooked up the drip too. But even a few hours after stopping her feeds she was still acting the same. Finally she settled into a deep sleep in the 6 am range. She had been acting normal until bedtime so I shrugged all the bedtime weirdness off. But today I got my answer. After the kids got picked up at 11:00 (late start for snow day) I sat on the couch with her ready to start my relaxing day at home in my pajamas, since she didn't have preschool, when I saw that she had some weird stuff virtually filling up her ear. It looked kind of crystallized and yellowish-whitish like a mix of dried earwax and puss. Nice huh? Three kids and I've never seen anything like it. Turns out that was exactly what it was. Thank goodness our pediatrician squeezed her in to be seen. They were booked but she's so good to us they worked us in when I told them I thought it had ruptured. So after rushing from the appointment to pick up the other kids from school we headed to the U-Village to buy some gloves while Ainsley's prescription was filled.

The Gap was having a fabulous $5 hats, scarfs and mittens sale and I was feeling lucky. Until we noticed Adrian lost WowWow. This is the Webkinz Chihuahua that I bought for him off E-bay with his allowance money because he lost his first WowWow a week after he got him as a present for getting stitches on his forehead from falling and hitting his head on his cubby in his Kindergarten classroom. WowWow #2 literally showed up in a box yesterday. We scoured all the placed we'd been. No WowWow. What does Adrian say? "Maybe Santa will bring me a new WowWow!" This Webkinz is sold out all over the place. I say "NO. No he won't!" Adrian says "How do you know?" Uhmmm. Because Santa doesn't bring replacement toys that are impossible to find when he only has a weeks notice. Looks like I know what I'll be doing this week. Sigh. Or maybe it's time to learn the hard knocks that even Santa can disappoint.

Anyway we got the antibiotics and ear drops and started them tonight. Poor babe. She's not happy and it makes me wince thinking about it. But I'm sure she'll start feeling better soon. She developed a bit of a fever after the rupture. The doctor said that's usually the opposite of how it happens. Leave it to Ainsley to be different. Fortunately it should heal on it's own.

Best of all? She has a hearing test tomorrow morning. Ha, ha ha ha. Doesn't it figure?! And it's too late to cancel. I'm hoping it'll be cancelled due to snow since it's supposed to snow tonight.

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  1. Susan,
    So sorry about the eardrum. Sounds pretty miserable for both of you. I just watched your "First Year" video. You and Steve did an amazing job of capturing Ainsley's spirit and personality. You had me in tears. You are both incredible parents to three adorable kids. Let me know if you need me to tell them how lucky they are!