Aug 10, 2015

2 Weeks Post Stoma Closure - In the Swimming Pool!

After nearly 9 years today was the first time Ainsley has ever been able to dunk her neck in water. Yes, she's been in the pool with a life vest and floaty (to ensure her neck stayed above water) and yes, she's been in the bath tub, but again NEVER with her neck submerged and always with CAUTION.

The surgeon said 2 weeks and so 2 weeks we've waited.

Ainsley was SO EXCITED! I am hopeful that when she gets more comfortable she might even try holding her breath and dunking her head, who knows, maybe she can learn to swim but baby steps for now. Of course we will still be careful so don't worry.


  1. She is so excited!!! How awesome and amazing...look how far she has come! So much hard work that is paying off!

  2. That is just so wonderful to see x

  3. I've never left a comment, but I had to say that this made me grin ear to ear!! I'm just so happy for you all! Ainsley is remarkable!