Jul 27, 2015

Stoma Closure Surgery

Ainsley went in for stoma closure surgery today. They are stitching shut her trach stoma and closing the g-tube. There was a small complication with the g-tube closure but she is okay and we are at the hospital waiting for our room assignment. If things go well we expect to be released tomorrow.

Unforuntately due to the "complication" she will be unable to eat or drink until tomorrow which is a bit of a bummer. Hopefully she will have an okay night. We can't wait to see her.

This morning at 6:00am she woke up all smiles. You gotta love this girl!

Last night she "asked" in her special way about the surgery. She's started doing this thing where she raises her arms and shrugs like a question as her way of asking what is going to happen. She likes to ask about things that are coming up. We'd prepared her that the surgery was going to be happening so this was her bringing it up. Then she pointed to her trach hole and then the g-tube and smiled. When I asked what was happening tomorrow she pointed again at the trach and g-tube sites. She was excited. Bless her!

She has matured so much, she was still smiling when they took her blood pressure, that used to make her cry inconsolably. It's a bit sad that this is all so routine for her now that the idea of surgery doesn't scare her. 

I asked if she could go back to the OR by herself and she said no. So I gowned up. Maybe for the last time?

We have no other surgeries planned  and it's looking like her jaws are coming into much better alignment so the cranio-facial team thinks she will not need that surgery later (it was only a possibility, never a probabality). This may be the last time you see a picture of me in a marshmallow suit. I can hope. 

We have a long day of waiting which Steve used as an opportunity to catch up on some sleep. We were up late getting ready, and Steve started the standing frame I've asked him to build so she has a safe space to practice standing. It's going to have a desk surface so she can play and do "homework". 
I'm so excited about this! Clearly though Ainsley will need to heal before using it.

I will post an update later. Keep Ainsley in your thoughts that she will heal well and quickly. 

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  1. Our blessings are with Ainsley. I'll prey for her that she recover soon from her Stoma Closure Surgery. God bless!