Jul 22, 2014

Home With No Trach

The previous posts about Ainsley's decannulation process on Monday July 21st 2014:

Decannulation Day 7/21/14.

This dressing was put on about 2am when she was asleep. They didn't have the special skin prep that the doctor suggested to help make it stick. Sure enough when she woke up the bandage was a bubble and the adhesive had popped open on one side. When it was removed Ainsley was much happier. She hates stickies. After breakfast we waited around trying to get a few "just in case" supplies: nasal oxygen prongs, ambu-bag masks, nasal CPAP masks. The new more comfortable full face mask she needs will have to be ordered in. 

Her dieitian stopped by to give her best wishes before we left.

While we waited Ainsley fussed over the hospital bands. It's kind of funny how much she hates them. She is never really happy until they are cut off.

As I fixed her braids we got to see her work through a bit of crying. So far she's been able to calm herself. A good sign.

On the way out the door she insisted on stopping to play in the playhouse for a minute. She seems to have taken on a bit of a sassy attitude with this decannulation. We've seen several examples of this.  

 She wanted to walk which was slow but awesome! She made it as far as the gift shop. 

We bought her a dog balloon. SO CUTE! Her two favorite things. Dogs & balloons.

On our way home.

The kids came out to greet her and she was so cute showing them her naked neck.

Penny was SO happy to see us! You have to love dogs!

We now go about the business of adjusting our way of life. We were tired and excited to sit down and watch a movie together. But first I had messages to return: to the nursing agency, Ainsley's school, the Developmental Disability Association, and the home care company regarding medical supplies as well as paperwork to sign/scan/return. Steve rushed off to work. So maybe life hasn't changed so much yet
I will keep you posted. 


  1. Eppp ! <3 How exciting ! Also, I LOVE the picture of her in the van , she looks so much like her sister there it isn't funny !

  2. Congratulations!!! I love that she wanted to show her siblings the big change! And I love the pic of her looking in the mirror! I am so thrilled for you all!!!

    Love ya!

  3. What a big victory
    Congratulations to ainsley and the. Rest of the family