May 3, 2014

Easter 2014

Ainsley finds her basket.

Every year the kids bring their baskets into our bedroom to "open" them while we drink coffee in bed.

Closeups of the baskets....

Adrian's (On the left).

Penny's Doggy Easter Basket (My favorite.)
Adrian and I had a lot of fun picking out the items together: Squeaky Peeps (aren't they awesome?!), a rope "frisbee", Martha Stewart detangling comb (so useful), rope squeaky bunny, balls, carrot jumprope (we're going to use it to teach her to jump, but not "jump rope". I just have to point that out.) and doggy cookies.


I love bulk dog treats. They are so economical. And these "cookies" are SO CUTE! 



Adrian mastered getting the ball into the cup, with a record breaking 14 times!

Ainsley actually ate chocolate and enjoyed it this year.

Our morning Easter bunny egg hunt.

Sometimes Ainsley likes to line things up.

Adrian loved his Webkinz.

Easter 2014

We had an outdoor egg hunt later with family.

Ainsley was clear that she found eggs and wanted them. (We hid special ones just for her on the patio that were easier to find and made them off limits to the big kids.) 

I made her do the work to get them. Always we have her development on our minds.

Our Easter Doggy, Penny.

Oh, the shame of being the Easter Doggy. This dog is expressive.

I joke. In reality she was pretty happy all day and even played fetch wearing her ears. They stayed on all day. (How to: I made them by hot-gluing $1 barrette ears from Target to white felt after cutting slits for the ears and sewing each corner to elastic that went over each side of the ears into a single strap under her chin. Otherwise they wouldn't have stayed on if they were just clipped to her hair/fur.)
Adrian was thrilled with Penny's "look" and donned his own ears.

At our house the wine always floweth. The beer too. Or whatever you care to drink.

We had Easter moustaches. For $1 I guess you can't expect them to stick.

I kept the food and dessert simple. These carrot cupcakes were not homemade, but delicious, and cute with the added Bunny Peeps. (Have I shown you Adrian's piggy Valentine's box? It turned out awesome and we had so much fun making it together. Zoom in and check it out.)

Steve tortured our family and Evie by pulling out the video of Evie's Talent Show performance from March. She was awesome and we were quite proud!

The day always flies by when you are hosting. Adrian and I had went to a lot of trouble to make a Carrot Toss game and we nearly forgot to play it.  Somebody wasn't happy.


But we did it.

Ainsley was so cute! She very clearly demanded a turn.

Here is the gist of the game. You toss the foam carrots for 2 minutes (you can go back to grab them until the timer goes off), then add up the points.

                                                                   50 - Into the Garden
                                                                   10 - Per bunny fed a carrot by knocking it over
                                                                     5 - In the Rabbit Hole (Hula Hoop) 
The bunnies we made with foam rabbits (again from the dollar section at Target) that we hot-glued to stir sticks and pom-pom feet and a cross base. It was Adrian's idea when we saw the makings at Target awhile back, before I had the better sense to say no.

The "garden fence" was also in the "dollar" section (for $3). We painted it.

Adrian won the chocolate maze puzzle so he was happy and the day was saved. 


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