Mar 27, 2014

Shine On

So apparently part of why I was feeling so drained when I wrote my last post was that I wasn't just "not 100%" but was hours away from having a 101.7 degree fever with muscle aches. I curled up in my fur blankets while Ainsley watched a video and accidentally fell asleep at 8:00pm (the earliest I've been asleep in YEARS!). Steve woke me when he came in at 8:15 after picking Evie up from ballet. Thankfully I never vomited like Steve, despite all the stomach grumbling I've had. I went to bed and slept until I had to get  up at 6:00am to get Evie ready for school. Steve had already left on his business trip to California. Thankfully I was feeling much better by then and I was able to go to the school to take head shots of the kids after all. I need to have the photos edited and submitted by the end of the month. Even today I'm not 100% but at least I can function, and Steve returns tonight in time to catch the end of Adrian's baseball game.

Ainsley had a good endocrinology appointment yesterday and it was determined that the symptoms she has haven't progressed significantly and unless different symptoms arise we have no reason to go back. I'm always happy to eliminate a specialist!

Spring is nearly here in case you haven't noticed. Adrian wanted to go look at Easter stuff. So often I feel like I have to say no, so I decided to say yes. And yes again when he wanted to buy Spring Oreos. We had them for a treat when we got back from picking Evie up from ballet (she dances twice a week.) I love when simple things make the kids so happy! Oreos were a treat we never got as kids (not healthy enough).

Once upon a time I wanted Ainsley to eat so badly (she couldn't) that I said that if she ever wanted to eat lard I would let her. I thought Oreos were filled with partially hydrogenated oil, but I guess they aren't. Only some high fructose corn syrup which I can live with. So maybe we'll be having Oreos more often since SOMEBODY, it turns out, LOVES them!




Deliciousness!!! She ate 3! Mixed textures and all.

I am SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of the progress she has made with eating! It is hard won, but worth the fight at moments like this!

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