Nov 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

I will start by saying that we are a little crazy over here...but you know that already. The things we do sometimes they don't make sense. I can't really explain other than that sometimes I get caught up in an idea and do something I know I don't have time for and really shouldn't do...simply because "it would be so cool"!

This year I was actually not feeling too inspired to do a costume myself. Then one little thing happened and all my plans of a low stress Halloween were turned on end. Adrian is in the school play and I decided to be in charge of the PR committee that does the photos, posters and programs.  Wednesday I was going to take head shots of all the cast during their lunches since not all the kids rehearse on the same days. Unfortunately I was supposed to drive the Wednesday afternoon carpool that rotates, each family getting it about once a month. I was able to swap with the mom who was supposed to do pick up on Halloween. I'd have to bring treats (these kids are ravenous by pick-up time every day).

I'd found organ donor treat bags and thought how fun it would be if I could somehow turn my van into an "ambulance" and then dress as a nurse or doctor. But how? Then the morning of Halloween it came to duct tape to make crosses. Could I pull it off? Would Evie be upset? The idea was just too good, I had to try to pull it off.

I ran to the store to get the bare essential groceries that I needed, Jello for the brain mold, buy white shoes, a bloody knife and bloody rubber gloves. While I was waiting in line I saw they had bags of gummy body parts. Perfect!

As soon as I got home I got busy finding a quick set Jello recipe, but further used my BD skills to crush the ice to make it go super fast (2 hours instead of overnight). Awesome! It set while I showered and ironed my "doctor coat". I have to say I got a crazy pleasure from getting to play a psycho doctor.  When Ainsley came home from school you could tell she thought it was hilarious. I was glad she wasn't scared. I painted dark circles and red around my eyes.  I happened to see an ENT photo laying around and that gave me the idea to grab a small portion of Ainsley's medical reports for a fake "doctor chart". Sad and funny all at the same time.

My evil ambulance. See the blood dripping down the window?

The snack for the kids. 

See the rubber liver and heart?

I wish I could have made Penny's carrier look more like a body but safety had to come first.

The kids. They were grossed out, giggly and LOVED it. 

Most of them were brave enough to slice into the brain (peaches and cream flavor) and eat some.I even made a little jello blood that I dripped over the ice, you just couldn't see it because the bowl was too small. But the kids then thought I, somehow, made it bleed when I cut it. It was melting by the time I took this picture but you can get the idea. 

After carpool I had to get busy making our alphabet, chicken, pumpkin soup. With bread and pumpkin beer it hit the spot!

Now the good part. 

The perfect wheelchair costume: the Granny from Little Red Riding Hood. 
The wheelchair enhances the costume. She was comfortable being semi-reclined and covered up with a warm blanket. 

Try as I did, there was no convincing Adrian to be a part of it. So Penny had to be the Big Bad Wolf. He wouldn't even be the woodcutter. Evie wore the cape I had as a child and the basket I made her when she was little. 

Adrian was Percy Jackson, which was easy since we used the t-shirt and necklace from the PJ party I threw for Evie. 

I stayed back to hand out candy. When I opened the door with my chart in hand, I said to the kids "You must be here for your appointment." I got stares. The tray of body parts was inside the door on the bench.  Then I said "Oh....I guess you want some candy". "Yes yes!!!" they said. It was so fun! 

We play spooky music and have the place all decorated. It's such a shame we only get about 20 Trick-or-Treaters. The houses are too far apart.

You can almost see our pumpkins: Steve scary fish, Susan ladybug, Evie Taylor Swift (of course), Adrian a cowboy and Ainsley a happy face. 

The ghost.

The graveyard.

The witch (we added a burning cauldron I picked up last year the day after Halloween).

The creepy dining room.

Organ donor bags for the neighbors who didn't come. Boo!

I love that I can reuse the Medusa pinata from Evie's Percy party. 

My new idea for the creepy baby mummy. 

It's tradition to get a photo of the kids Trick-or-Treating our house. They are the last out. I know when they come home it's time to relax with a beer. 

I bought this purse at a neighbors estate sale. I love thinking of all the places it's been, Sunday church, grocery shopping, now Trick-or-Treating.

Even Penny had a treat. I thought it was so cute that she licked it like a real lollipop.  

I saved the best  for last. Ainsley's nurse when she heard Ainsley was going to be the Granny, decided to get herself a Red Riding Hood costume. Isn't that awesome?! They were quite the talk of school all day.  Ainsley had a fantastic day. Oh yeah....she even ate some chocolate this year!!! I think we all had a pretty fantastic Halloween. I hope you did too! Next year will be the year that we keep things simple. Ha!


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  2. Oh my are seriously amazing! That is all I have to say....what a great Halloween!

  3. Totally awesome. You. Are. Totally. Awesome. I don't know how the heck you do it. Beautiful pics. Great ideas. And well done. As usual!

    Miss you!
    Christy xo