Oct 11, 2013

The Beach

I hope my last post hasn't left anyone worried about me. Things are fine. Life is just busy. The days pass so quickly, that's all. One minute I had 3 little kids, and now I don't (Evie's nearly 13). We've done some great things as a family, but I've also been stressed. And it affects my ability to be the person(mom) I wish I was. That's the truth. This life isn't easy with all the extra concerns that come with having a medically complex child with special needs.

Last weekend I had the very good fortune to be on a trip to the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado (San Diego) with 3 friends who also walk this journey. We met on-line years ago. All 4 of our kids have trachs and g-tubes. Each is unique and we all have different circumstances. It was great to sit on the beach and share our victories and failings without judgement with others who truly truly "get it".  It is a weekend I will never forget. The only bad thing about the weekend was that it came to an end too soon. 

 The hotel is too large to fit in one picture (with a phone as your camera anyway).
 The view from the beach, just a portion of the entire thing.

 It felt so great to dig our toes in the sand.
 From left to right Sarah, Ann, Me and Christy.

 We came well prepared and the fun started right away.

 Ann (she's so amazing!) booked us a private bonfire with Smores the first night.

 The entire beach at night. The bright light in the center is our fire. Talk about private.

 My room.
 It's view. See the beach on the left in the distance?

We had a lots of laughs over this one, if only I could have panorama'ed myself into it.

A mid-day dose of caffeine was much needed.

When's the last time you saw a functioning jukebox in a restaurant? 

 Sarah and Christy cracked me up as they attempted to get Facebook worthy photos. It was fun to watch them and the sun set at the same time.

Appropriately we were given the "queens" table for breakfast. A lady sitting next to us as she was leaving said, "It is a little difficult eating breakfast sitting next to nurses....I nearly faint when I get blood drawn...." I looked at her quizzically, like really? And replied, "We're just moms. Talking about our kids." Sheesh lady, be grateful you aren't living it! Some people!
 We did a little shopping. This place, Coronado Taste of Oils, had delicious oils and vinegars!

 At this adorable shop I found a book on crafting flowers out of paper, with patterns even, for Evie. It will keep her off the computer for hours. I know she's going to amaze me, she always does, with the things she'll make.

 We had a lovely dinner on the patio.

 The palm trees were lit up so beautifully though you can hardly tell in this photo.

 A panoramic shot of the beach.

 The last day while the other gals went for fro-yo I explored the hotel. I could tell they weren't interested in all the old stuff.

The elevator man. I think he's been working here a very long time.

 One of the shops had been moved temporarily into the ballroom so we got to go in.

 The amazing view, overlooking one of the pools, from it's windows.

 The crown chandeliers designed by the author of the Wizard of Oz during his time here at the hotel, when he wrote several books.

I LOVE old architecture. The people below hardly noticed this area above them where anyone could be watching.  There is such a sense of mystery in a place like this as you imagine the thousands of guests over the past 125 years, decade by decade. What stories these walls could tell.


There were a bunch of unique antique chairs placed throughout.

I had to wonder if perhaps Marilyn Monroe sat here with Arthur Miller years ago in this hidden spot on the stairway.

A bygone era, when even the mailboxes were pieces of art.

 The courtyard garden.

I don't even know what this is. Don't you love going somewhere that all the vegetation is different?!

I think this picture sums up the magic of this weekend. The beach is restorative. If you find yourself feeling a little blue, I highly recommend it as just the thing to pick your spirits up.


  1. congratulations to do this for yourself. how did the kids do at home?

  2. What a great weekend that you all so deserved! Good for you!!! Beautiful in more ways than one!

  3. This is wonderful. It's truly amazing when others share in similar experiences and "get" it, don't you think?

  4. I love your pictures WAY better than mine! Great, great write up! I need to write my post about it soon. But, I'll link to yours in it since yours is so good! I can't tell you how many times I think about that weekend and wish we could just go there whenever we need to. I am counting the days till our next one...

    Much love to you!
    Christy xo