Jul 17, 2013

On Vacation

We are headed home today after a week in Lake Chelan, WA. It was beautiful! We had a great time just being together and I will write a full post with details and pictures later. Tomorrow is Adrian's 10th birthday. We have a surprise planned so stay tuned, I promise it will be worth it. AND we have a family photomotion shoot with BlueLily Photography on Saturday. If you haven't heard of them from NieNie Dialogues, check out their portfolio because they are AMAZING (And since they are on their 2013 World Tour (Like the rockstars that they are.) they might be in your town soon! ). We are so excited we haven't been able to think about much else! (Okay so the truth is I'm a little obsessed and panicked since we need great (colored and you know I only wear black) clothes and there is no shopping here.) But I'm trying to have faith that it will turn out wonderfully. Thanks for checking in.


  1. Susan - you'll have to let me know what you think of the Blue Lily photoshoot. They are coming to Phoenix in November and I was thinking about booking them too. I don't think the photomotion shoot would really work for us, but who knows!
    Looking forward to seeing your vacation pictures and your surprise for Adrian.


  2. It was so nice to have met you all.
    Bill and Erin from downstairs