May 21, 2013

Interesting Sleep Development

Ainsley fell asleep on my shoulder last night while we watched TV. The position was slightly more upright and sideways with her legs over mine, her butt turned and her head on my shoulder which put her in a somewhat more forward position. She did GREAT! I was so surprised!

About 2 hours in her head fell back (think standard sitting position in a reclining sofa) and she started obstructing like she normally does. I repositioned her and she fell and stayed asleep. It was a good excuse to stay up late watching TV (Netflix episodes of Parenthood), but after 3 hours we had to get to bed. I could be wrong, but I almost think she could have made it through the entire night in that position. Unfortunately the position isn't easy to maintain.

That definitely tells me that the obstruction in the soft palate is significant and maybe it's also the her tongue falling back into her airway. It makes me want to try some other positions. Usually she sleeps on her side which you would think would be pretty good. I haven't had her sleep on her stomach in years because of the trach and she's now using a pillow but I guess with the trach capped it doesn't matter if it's obstructed by the pillow.

The docs also want us to work on having her sleep with CPAP (while capped) at home to prepare for the sleep study she'll be having in June. So I've got some experimenting to do.

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