Sep 24, 2012

Happiness Week 38

My week was pretty unexciting. Maybe because I wasn't feeling 100%. Ainsley had a touch of a runny nose and I caught it from her. It's a hazard of having too much one on one contact with her trach snot. I woke up with a sore throat, was tired and had a lot of headaches. Luckily since the kids are in school I was able to get some rest during the mornings. I was hoping I could keep it from turning into anything too bad and it worked. It seems we always get terribly sick when the kids go back to the germ cesspools we call school, but luckily we fared pretty well this year. Maybe in part due to the better than normal weather. We actually still have sun when we should have rain. I hope your week was more fun than mine.

I am not making as much progress as I'd like on my photo frame project. Things always come up. I have reviewed 3 years of photos and flagged the special ones. I have 120 pictures so far. And 50 spots. And 9 more years of photos to review. And a week left in September. Lord help me.

Daily Happiness Photos - Week 38
09/17 Grocery Shopping At Trader Joe's
I LOVE Trader Joe's. I buy better whole foods, their prices are fair and since things don't "go on sale" I don't waste time comparing prices or looking for deals or waiting until it's on-sale to buy. The stores are smaller so I can get in and out in 20 minutes if I have a well prepared list. I remember how difficult it was to go to the store when Ainsley was born. I had Ainsley in the cart, her feeding pump, oximeter and suction bag, a puke bucket, diapers plus 2 other children 5-and-under that liked to show me everything and dance around with each other. It was a nightmare. Where we live now I have a choice of two TJ locations, and both have normal parking (a total luxury in the city where the spaces are 2/3 the normal size). Today after grocery shopping I was thinking to myself how easy it was to get what I need to feed my family and how much things have changed in 5 years. Hallelujah!

09/18 Waldorf Salad Wrap
Do you get tired of eating the same old thing for lunch? I do. I had some left over chicken so I added a bit of chopped celery, onion, apple and walnuts a bit of mayo and wrapped it in a tortilla. It was yummy.

09/19 Teeth Brushing Time
It was so cute, when Ainsley saw that Evie and Adrian were brushing their teeth before bed she asked to too. She stood up at the counter top and looked in the mirror and did everything they did. The sight of the 3 of them doing something so normal was so great!

09/20 Clean Hands
Ainsley got ahold of the markers. Luckily the washable variety. She colored all over both hands. She came up and showed me and I let out a little shriek. She laughed. Then I told her to go wash her hands. You know what? She DID! She crawled to the bathroom, pulled herself up, turned on the light, turned on the water, got soap, washed off the marker, turned off the water, then dried her hands on the towel, turned off the light and came back and showed me. She didn't even make a mess. Steve and I just looked at each other in disbelief. WOW!

09/21 Sleeping with the Kids
I love when the kids climb into my bed and we snuggle together and drift off peacefully to sleep. I co-slept with them as babies (except Ainsley because she has to wear a pulse-oximeter and humidifier when she sleeps) so it reminds me of those time and makes me feel like they aren't as grown up when they sleep in our bed. I cherish these times because I'm sure there will come a day that they are too big and it's probably not far off.

09/22 Pretty Things
My sister Rene got married in Hawaii and had a local reception today at a friends parent's home. The hostess had a very feminine house with so many pretty things. I loved it. It's been a long time since I've been in that type of home. It makes you feel good. The dessert table was beautiful with the most amazing cupcakes and treats. It was a lovely time.

09/23 The Coronation of Queen Ainsley
Evie staged an elaborate coronation ceremony outside for Ainsley. She was being elevated from "Princess of Cute" to "Queen of Cute". Since Steve was applying sealer to the driveway and I spent the entire day cleaning out the pantry (because I found some bugs) it was a much appreciated diversion.


To view a slideshow of the entire Happiness Photo Project click here. Confused about what this is or why I'm doing it? Click here for an explanation of what it's all about.

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  1. Ainsley is really making a ton of progress. From my perspective, anyway. Sometimes it's hard to see it when you're there on the front lines every day. People tell me they can see a positive difference in Harlie's face, but I can't see it. She looks exactly the same to me. Anyway, I LOVED that she went and washed her hands. It's always the "little" things...

    Love ya!
    Christy xo