Feb 6, 2012

Happiness Week 5

We had a long craniofacial appointment today to discuss surgical plans and a thousand other things. Since these Happiness Photo Project posts are supposed to be happy I'm not going to write about all that now. So stay tuned for a downer post. Ehh...who am I kidding. I doubt I'll have time for that anytime soon. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment for me and Wednesday an AAC meeting to preview the Nova 7 + Adrian has basketball practice, I should be getting a letter from the ENT for a referral to Cincinnati Children's and I'm hoping to get that and the last of the documentation for our Medicaid Preauthorization. I have a feeling I'm in for a busy week. 

What Made Me Happy - Week 5

 01/30 Feeding Progress
Ainsley signed that she was hungry. I said, "Okay, go sit down," which she did, by herself. (Though I did have to push the chair in for her.) Then I brought her pureed pasta and tomato sauce and some vanilla milk. She ate some. Not the pasta, even though it was overcooked, but we're focusing on the happy things. She even pounded impatiently on the table while she waited, such a normal thing to do.

 01/31 Cardboard
Finding cardboard for Evie's special birthday party decorations, and it only took 2 stops, that makes me happy. Crazy party planning is in my future. It's that time of year again.

02/01 Cardboard Box Play
I love that kids love to play in cardboard boxes. This was Evie's doing and scheming but still it made me so happy to see how much fun they had together.

02/02 Shadow Puppets
I was so glad I forced myself to stop what I was doing and step into the kids' tea party. Evie made an early Valentines celebration by candlelight(with my electric candle). We then sat on the bed and made shadow puppets. It's was just a few minutes but it made me feel less guilty for all the times I've been "too busy to play".

02/03 Winning the Silent Auction Basket
Sometimes having a special child is difficult.  E&A's school had Family Movie Night. I would have loved to go, but the reality is that as thick as my skin has gotten over the years, it's hard to be in a room with hundreds of inquisitive children and parents. They don't know I can sense them staring even when I've not looking, and I can hear their whispers. Besides how it makes me feel, Ainsley can't sit still for that many hours so it's not very fun for whoever is on "Ainsley duty".  I think E&A had fun going with their Dad, and didn't miss me too much. They were certainly in good spirits when they came home after winning one of the Silent Auction Baskets. I was most excited about the director board on the front which you can probably buy somewhere for $10. But hey, the money supports the school. There is also a waterproof mini camcorder. I can't wait to see the movies the kids make.

02/04 Breakfast and Coffee
Steve took Adrian to his 8:30 basketball game.  It was too early for bringing the whole family. Adrian's playing is improving and the coaches even said he was the best "defender" on the team. That really boosted Adrian's spirits and he kind of needed it. It's hard being a new player.  I was very happy that Steve brought me home coffee and breakfast muffin from Starbucks. Then we spent the day raking up the rest of the leaves and cleaning with a little break to celebrate cousin Emily's birthday.

02/05 Ainsley in the Play Kitchen
My friend Barby and her family came over for Super Bowl Sunday, it's a good excuse to get together, have good food and drinks. It's always great seeing them. Her daughter is near the same age as Ainsley, and though they are at different developmental levels it made me so happy to see them playing at Ainsley's play kitchen in her bedroom.


Have a great week! To view a slideshow of the entire Happiness Photo Project click here. For more about what this is all about click here.


  1. I loved the pictures of your lovely daughter
    Sending you so many positive thoughts and hugs as you make these decision around surgeries and things

  2. The glimpses of "normal" are so refreshing, sometimes, and as long as we aren't holding our breath for them, there is nothing wrong with relishing in the joy! Yay for some bites!!

  3. Starbucks breakfast sandwiches are to.die.for. Love!
    I know how you feel about the stares, sometimes no matter how we prepare ourselves it doesn't get easy.
    Some days I can do it, Some days not so much.
    Dying to know how the camcorder works.....have you tried it yet?
    Backtracking from the prior post, I'm sorry Susan you didn't hear what you wanted. Ainsley is gorgeous in her entirety...love her to pieces and everyone who has the pleasure of finding out about this little warrior princess will think so too. Hugs Mama!
    Love the play kitchen....look at her would you?! Look how far that amazing child has come?! Love you Ainsley. xoxo