Dec 24, 2011

My Little Gift to You.

Ainsley got sick with RSV. Had bloody secretions for days. Needed oxygen at night. Then the rest of us caught it just in time to mess up my Christmas preparations. Steve's been working like crazy (nothing new, but he was supposed to be done with this game last week) and then he got double ear infections so he's nearly useless (sorry honey but you know it's true). It's been BUSY. But we are hosting Christmas dinner for 20 tomorrow so there is lots to do. Maybe like us you too need a little help in the cheer department? I thought I'd share our holiday drink recipes just in case. It's my little gift to you.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Love, Susan

*Click on image to enlarge. Don't they look yummy? I hope I'll have time to try at least 1 tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Susan, so sorry you've had such a lousy month leading up to Christmas. I hope tomorrow is a day of fun with family and that you get to enjoy more than one of those drinks you shared. Merry Christmas my friend.