Oct 11, 2011

The Countdown to 5!!!

Sorry for disappearing there for a bit. If you recall Ainsley was sick again in September. A trach culture showed she'd had the flu. So likely that's why I was sick for so long. And she also had strep pneumonia bacteria. So though she didn't actually have pneumonia, it could have gone there. After 2 weeks of antibiotics she's doing much better.

What else have we been up to?.....

Lots and lots and LOTS of SOCCER.

Ah, that smile! Ainsley seems pretty happy about it (soccer) for the most part, even being drug to a field 5 days a week she doesn't complain (unlike me). Some days I put her in her walker, and it's tough wheeling it through the grass so it's an extra good work out. I bought her a soccer ball as an early birthday present and she tries to kick it around. You should see the looks we get at the soccer field.

Remember the swing set project?

We discovered that for an extra $150 you can have the truck come and blow the chips in. Loading 12 cubic yards of wood chips would have been a HUGE job so we were thrilled to have them do it. Unfortunately at $750 that ate up our garage sale funds. Yikes! Hopefully this is a one time expense. So much for our intention to use the funds to finish the play house.

Isn't this cool? An hour or so later it was full and DONE. I like DONE.

After going in and out the side door (leaving it ajar) several times Ainsley was curious, so I brought her outside to see, even though she was sick. Thank goodness! Not realizing that the second lock was locked I shut the door and LOCKED US OUT. That was quite a close call and very lucky. Locking your trached child in the house by herself. THAT would have been scary! I guess I'd break the window. Luckily I had the phone outside and was able to call Steve and in 10 minutes he was home.  Hooray! Living in Redmond pays off.

When the kids got home they tried out the swings.  With the swing set rotated in it's new position Ainsley's tire swing now fits at the end. After a year and a bit she can finally use it.

 She loves it! I'm thrilled she can now swing with her brother and sister.

When I was a kid I LOVED to swing!  Nothing is as great as getting so high up that it feels like you will fall off. Evie takes after me.

Adrian can do it too now. Look how scared he is. Awesome!

Now kids can come over to our house to play without me worrying about them tracking in mud from the "wood chip swimming pool".


I've spent hours and hours in the yard weeding and pruning and barely made a dent. It's so depressing.


We made it to Salmon Days for curly fries, elephant ears and to watch the Salmon return to Issaquah Creek to spawn. It's a cyle of life that is amazing to see. Steve's been mixing sound there for the concerts for 27 years. (He was practically a kid.)

While we were there Ainsley met a kindred spirit. An adorable Daschund, Malibu, with a love of life. She isn't letting anything stop her! How cool is that?! Evie was fascinated that she also had a set of wheels to help her walk.

Ainsley loved meeting her. It was very sweet!

Little Missy is getting into stuff. And learning stuff. Boy oh boy is it a little scary. And impressive.

 Have I mentioned Ainsley likes to play with water? I allow it because it's good for her to stand as much as possible. Wow was I suprised to see that she managed to get out the doll bathtub from under the sink. And FILL it. Without spilling much water.......this time.

See how good this is for strengthening her ankles? Tip toes? No problem!

She does like to line things up. I wish I could talk to her and find out what she was thinking here.

She's helping hersef to bananas.

During a tube feeding she signed eat. So I told her to go get a cup and straw (we were using formula). She crawled to the kitchen, got all three pieces and proudly crawled with them back down the hallway. I was SO proud!

She has been trying her hand at using the remote control. Successfully I might add!

She's even been putting DVD's in by herself. Scary. Very scary.

Then there was the day she got herself up into the office chair by herself. No small feat considering it swivels. I think she was planning to use the computer!!!

She's been using her walker more and more and was even able to navigate herself from he driveway through the two parked cars to the door. Her legs are getting strong. Hopefully the balance will come.

Now for the biggest news of all....

On the 4th Ainsley was able to take a few steps for the first time with me holding her arm. It's still a new skill but it's progress and I'll take it! Afterward we walked down the hall and she used the wall for support and Evie snapped pictures (Steve was at work). I can almost imagine a day when I can walk with her hand in hand.

We are engrossed in party planning. Ainsley turns 5 next week on the 18th. We scaled back our plans and are not calling it a house warming or anniversary celebration (15 years on the 19th) in addition to her birthday like I'd said on the blog a few weeks ago because Steve is super busy due to his game deadline. We've invited family and the friends who care most about our beautiful amazing girl. It's been an extraordinary 5 years. Full of tears and joy! I'm a little emotional at the thought. Anyhow, the party is at 1:00 on Sunday. Anyone who wants to come give Ainsley their love is welcome. We just didn't have the energy to make it as big as it would have been. If you'd like to be added to the guest list just e-mail me at ainsleyblog@comcast.net . Thanks to all who've offered their support over these 5 years. We love you!


  1. The picture of her holding your hand and walking down the hallway literally took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. You are all so inspiring! I remember those days and the feeling of those milestones.

  2. Whoa! That picture of you and Ainsley is AWESOME on so many levels! It totally brought tears to my eyes! What a huge big deal!

    And turning 5... so many emotions. I so wish we could celebrate together. You know I'll be there in spirit.

    Much love! xo

  3. Be careful .... soccer will consume your life if you let it! :)

    Love the little dog with Ainsley - so cute! And the picture of Ainsley and you walking down the hall - just priceless. Can't wait to see birthday pictures.