Sep 7, 2011

First Day of School

I am SO SO very TIRED of coughing. It messed up our Labor Day weekend. Even though I stayed home and sent the family to various barbecues without me. I'm STILL not over it. Moms can't afford to be sick. It's a real drag. Still I did play a couple rounds of badminton with the family. We couldn't do THAT in our old yard!

Ainsley is slowly getting over her dislike of grass and had a blast crawling around. It's not easy to play badminton with a child underfoot and she wouldn't stay put, so I brought out my bag of tricks.

She loved it and it kind of worked and kept her from getting trampled. Evie and Adrian decided she needed some stuff in her house to make it more real. Like a vacuum. LOL!

Steve is making progress on the swing set area. The landscape fabric is down we just need to bring in the new wood chips. I can't wait for Ainsley to be able to finally use the tire swing we bought for her last year.

Back to school means....haircuts. This boy's hair is thick and grows like crazy. He HATES getting his hair cut. So fun.

Steve is my alarm clock and he woke me up late. The kids were lucky to get lunch, I barely had time to snap pictures and had to go to the bus stop with no makeup. Of course all the other moms looked fabulous for the first day of school. Thanks honey!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the bus stop is right on the corner. The kids were sad because they thought we would drive them for their first day like we used to (because we had to). It was different sending them the first day on the bus. I do miss being part of the experience of the first day back to school but I'll get over it. They both had a great day and like their teachers.

Preschool starts Monday for Ainsley and we are working out arrangements for a nurse to go with her the other 2 days that our nurse doesn't work. My fingers are crossed that it's somebody good. She's going to go on the lift bus so she has her wheelchair at school. I still haven't heard from the driver. We never got our AAC, but I hear it arrived and the SLP is getting training on it as we speak. Ainsley loves school and I'm excited for her. We are ready to get back in the routine even if it does mean getting up earlier. I am not, and have never been, a morning person!

This weekend the kids have their first soccer games. Yesterday I spent over an hour in the car driving Evie to and from soccer practice.  I've never enrolled the kids in team sports until this year. I thought it would be "too much" on top of having a special needs child with medical issues. I thought we were ready but I hope I wasn't wrong.

This is Evie after her first day of school and soccer practice. I felt about the same. I guess I should be happy that the mini Pillow-Pet comes in handy for something. Luckily she perked up after eating. I went to bed early.

I think Ainsley is hoping to play soccer too when she "grows up".  She's been fighting with the kids over the soccer balls. I need to buy her a ball of her own. Earlier this week she "said" she wanted to dance like Evie. Cutie! Hopefully her desire to be like the big kids will motivate her. I secretly hoped she might be walking by the time school starts, but it looks like that isn't going to happen, and probably not by her 5th birthday either which is just around the corner on October 18th. But I have hope that she will by the time she starts Kindergarten next year. I think this is going to be a great year for Ainsley.


  1. Susan - hope you feel better. Looks like things are busy as usual. That picture of Evie crashed out at the dinner table is too sweet. I suspect you won't have any trouble getting the kids to bed early. The difficult part is getting the homework done on top of being involved in extra-curricular activities. Hope everyone has a great school year. I'm envious of your "sweater weather".


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  5. Whew! Finally got caught up on your blog! I've been limiting my computer time, too! I hope you feel better by now. I hate it when I'm sick, too. Everything suffers when Mom doesn't keep things moving! And we can't call in sick!!!

    All your pictures are gorgeous. I wish I had more of a knack for that.

    Loved getting all caught up. Everything looks great. I hope the first week of school went great and that you're in a good routine.

    Much love to you! xo