Aug 11, 2011

Ainsley Navigating the Hall In Her Walker (With No Sling)

On a whim today (notice no pants and unbrushed hair) I decided to try letting Ainsley walk down the hall in her walker to see how she would do. She did pretty well guiding it, only needing a little help. And she did it without the support of the sling harness. Normally she wears shoes with orthotic inserts that help support her arch.  She was hanging a little bit, I think because it's fun.  The kids knew I was shooting a video but started singing show tunes a minute after I started anyway.  Though after the fact I don't think you can hear it that much in the video anyway. Ainsley's orthopedic surgeon wanted to see video of her in her walker so this ought to work. Great job Ainsley!


  1. She is doing rather well without the sling Susan.
    I have to admit though my favourite part of the whole video was Evie and Adrian loving her up at the end.

  2. That's great Susan! I especially love to hear how excited Evie and Adrian are for Ainsley. My walls are a mess too -- from Jack's nurses hitting them with his wheelchair! It's frustrating so say the least, but I try and keep it in perspective. Ainsley has certainly gained a lot of independence with the walker -- look out world (and walls!)

  3. Great job, Ainsley! If she keeps this up, just think what she'll be doing by next summer! Go Girl!!!