May 11, 2010

Ainsley's Great Day At School & 1 Week To Go

Our school nurse was out sick today so I took Ainsley to school. I always enjoy going. It's great to see what Ainsley's up to. She had a great day. I got to see her knock down blocks with the wheelchair during PT. That was cool. We were laughing about how quickly she met the IEP goals for wheelchair use. Here's a video so you can see.

I'd heard there is one girl in particular who really likes Ainsley a lot. But it was neat to actually see for myself. She must have asked 10 times if she could sit next to Ainsley. Ainsley just beams at her. It's so sweet. What is great is that she is a typical kid who is a peer example in the special needs program but she acts just like Ainsley is no different. To her Ainsley's speaking device is a cool toy to play with. She doesn't seem to mind that Ainsley can't actually talk to her, one bit. And she's a year older than Ainsley but that doesn't seem to matter much either.

It was so great to see them playing together! With a little help they tossed the ball back and forth during recess on the playground. It warms my heart and gives me so much hope to think of Ainsley making her first real friend.

In ONE WEEK Ainsley gets her cast off! That means we are almost HALF WAY THERE! Six more weeks in a brace and then we can start the long process of resuming normal activity. I can't wait!


  1. What a great post! It's great to see Ainsley outside, having fun, with her friend! And awesome that you only have one more week of that cast! I know the brace won't be fun, either. But, it must be slightly better than the cast??

    Glad to hear everything is going well!

  2. Way to go Ainsley!!! Once again she brings me huge smiles!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh melt my Mama bear heart with Ainsley and her little friend!
    How freaking sweet are they together....LOVE!!

    How fast is that for the cast coming off..holy smokes, where does the time go!

    Big hugs Susan,

  4. OMG, this made me SMILE!!!!!!!!!!! To see your child accepted, "just like one of the kids"....well, isn't that what we all want! Yay for Ainsley, and what a special friend she has there at school!

  5. love it, love it, love it, Ainsley and her friend!!