Aug 9, 2009

Finally On Vacation

For most families summer vacation is about over but to me it feels like it just started. Ainsley attends school at a birth to three center for "school" 2 days a week. Thursday was her last day and I'm looking forward to the break. No more rushing around to get 3 kids fed and dressed in the morning, gathering all the medical gear and equipment. I've been frustrated at times throughout the year that for all the effort in getting there she often was more interested in watching the commotion than participating. But I really bring her for the therapies and look at the class time as a bonus.

But she had a really great day in the classroom Thursday. Perfect. Just in time for the last day of school. She's made a lot of progress in her therapies in these last couple months. I know her therapists are very proud as she is now testing developmentally at age 2 or above in some areas. She's come a long way since the days we first started therapy when she was only 4 months old. It's hard to believe that after break we will only be there 6 weeks before Ainsley moves on to big kid school 4 days a week through Seattle Public Schools.

Ainsley playing with the magnetic fishing puzzle during free play.

One of Ainsley's favorites: taking fishies for a swim in the bowl.

Bubbles: Oh the bubbles!

She's such a good cleaner-upper.

She's goin' for that button!

Standing to pop a bubble.

Getting that bus to the floor for "The Wheels on the Bus", no matter what!

She's always so good about putting away her dot at the end. She used to crawl with it and put it away. Now she can do it while she stands, with a little help. Big girl!

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