Jul 30, 2009

Update on Future Hip Reconstruction Surgery

I've been much dreading today's appointment with the orthopedic surgeon and figured nothing good could come of this appointment But the day turned out to be rather pleasant (aside from the 110 degree heat). We ran into a friend we hadn't seen in quite awhile as we were going in to clinic, so that was fun. My how the girls have grown.

AND...The doctor seemed to have changed his view a bit. We are no longer talking about IF she needs the hip reconstruction and double osteotomy but rather, WHEN she needs it. Why is this good? The only reason he would not have wanted to do this surgery would be if we didn't expect her to ever do much walking. This time he didn't even bring that up as a possibility so that must mean he is more optimistic, right? Unfortunately what it does mean is that she has a massive operation looming in her future.

The good news is that her hips are not popping out of place despite the shallow sockets and that means surgery can be put off for a bit. We will return for x-rays in 6 months and so long as things are still in their proper place we will discuss a surgery plan for sometime before she turns 4. As he said there is no good time to do this surgery as it is painful and requires a long recovery period after getting out of the cast/brace. Is there a chance she may not need it? Very, very small. We'd have to see some significant change in the next 6 months. Based on her prior x-rays that would be a surprise. Still I am happy because I am not expecting my child to have limited mobility in her adult life AND I don't have to start planning for a surgery this fall. Having been through a hip surgery (double reduction), spica cast, brace and then recovery in the past I'm not eager to do it again. Finally a time when waiting is GOOD.

Ainsley stood at the table with her nurses help so she could play with Evie and Adrian while we waited. This was the first time she could join them. Her standing (with support) is improving.

Ainsley and Izzy. They aren't quite sure what's up and I'm pretty sure Ainsley thought she might fall over. But it was so great to see them standing together even just for a second.

Today's x-ray. You can see the hip sockets are shallow.

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  1. my mother in law said that she would be willing to try to answer questions about her experience with her son who had to have treatment for his hips. this was 39 years ago but his treatment was very new then due to the severity of his hip dysplaisia. I had her at Izzy 1st apt for her hips and found her a big help then as well.

    I am glad you got good news that her hips are not popping out of the sockets!! (and that the Dr thinks she will be a good candidate for the surgery and benefit from it!) and sorry that she will need the surgery bitter sweet huh! ahh

    i was so surprised walking by and seeing you in the weight room! I had to stay and say hi! Ainsley is so big (she is taller than Izzy now too!) Grow Ainsley Grow!!and she is soooo beautiful!! I looked for your email and did not see it so I could email yo the pic we took... the girls of course are not looking at the camera maybe they are looking at yours!