Nov 21, 2008

One Month Post Nissen- All Is Going Well!

Today it has officially been one month since Ainsley's Nissen Fundoplication and she is still vomit free! We followed up with the surgeon Wednesday and have been given the okay to transition back to regular feedings over a 2-4 week period. Feeding her 50ml of formula every single hour 24 hours a day has gotten old! Still, we want to take it slow so we don't over stress her stomach and cause retching that might risk breaking the wrap. We'll gradually add purees again (hopefully that will eliminate the stinky poo problem) and spread the daytime feedings over longer periods, increasing the size of the feeding and gradually reducing the night time drip of formula until we no longer have to use the feeding pump at night.

We will not know how successful the surgery was until she is on her normal feeding regimen. I feel pretty good about things though and hope that she will still not vomit or reflux even when she is getting her normal 8oz size feedings 4 times a day. And that it won't cause retching when we do. We have seen some retching and it's hard to watch. We don't want her to do too much of that for fear it could loosen the wrap. But the times that she does retch I believe are appropriate and she would have vomited without the fundo.

Amazingly Ainsley has gained almost 3 pounds since the surgery!!! She now has a nice little amount of chub on her tummy and legs. There is now no doubt the degree to which this vomiting issue or reflux was causing problems for her, especially in regard to her weight. She has been considered underweight even though she was on a whopping 1200-1300 calories a day. She's gained so well on 1200 a day since her surgery that the dietician has approved for us to reduce her calories to 1000 per day. She seems to have more energy and is getting stronger, even starting to pull herself up in the kneeling position. I suppose because she's retaining more of her nutrition and she just feels better.

And best yet. We had an appointment with her otolaryngologist(airway doc)on the 10th. Less than 3 weeks post surgery the scope showed a decrease in her airway swelling. We had noticed almost within a week of the surgery that she started making more sound and was better able to tolerate her PMV (speaking valve). She wants Ainsley to be able to wear her PMV all the time consistantly for 3-6 months even when sick,except while sleeping. I'm not sure if she will be able to with the trach cannula taking up some of her airway, and the granuloma that she has, as well. Sadly we discovered that her otolaryngologist is moving to the East coast at the end of November. So it was fortunate we got to see her one last time and say goodbye. Dr. Chen saw Ainsley's airway a few days after her birth when there wasn't any significant swelling, she performed Ainsley's tracheotomy, performed several laryngoscopies/bronchoscopies as well as scoped her multiple times in the office. As one of her tough airway patients she would like to know what caused Ainsley's airway swelling and suspected reflux played a role. We hope she will keep in contact through Ainsley's blog. We have a good replacement doctor taking over. The plan is to see him in late January. Here's a video from the scope.

On the down-side the reduction in swelling opens up the airway for aspiration and potentially lung damage from that. So we'll be watching her carefully and hoping for no increase in respiratory infections. I thought she'd perhaps start eating but she seems even less interested than in the past. Maybe with time once she's better able to protect her airway.

Unfortunately Ainsley caught a cold and developed some nasty granulation tissue on her trach stoma last week and that was causing her some serious difficulty for awhile.

We used Tobridex drops and switched to a Neo length trach temporarily and that seemed to help. She's finally smiling again and getting back to her normal activity level. It would be nice to be able to take her to therapy/school. Especially since she's doing so well with her PMV, even the unmodified one. I'm hoping we'll be able to get back to using it as much of the day as possible. It's been really great that she's been able to tolerate it so much better. We've even been able to hear her laugh a little which was beautiful! I tried to shoot a little video. It's not great, but gives you an idea of how she's doing with her PMV. Still not very loud or clear but better. Small steps.

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