Jul 30, 2008

Me Say Go THERE!

It's been about 3 days. We've been working on pointing with Ainsley. I know moms say it's not nice to point but in this case we've been encouraging it so she can get communicate with us. We started noticing she'd hold out her hand when she wants something. So we started picking her up and carrying her the direction that her arm is pointing. Once we get there she started to point to someplace new and after a few days she's started navigating around the house this way. I feel like she's the princess and I'm her servant carrying her around on one of those seats that you hold up on your shoulders with poles. Sheesh. All I know is that it's obvious that this could go very bad very quick and we may just be creating a monster. Just tonight Evie was watching Thomasina and I was folding laundry. Ainsley would cry and hold out her arm. I'd pick her up and carry her the direction of her arm, the couch. I'd sit down and a few minutes later she'd cry again. I pick her up and walk the direction of her outstretched arm, back to the blanket on the floor where she'd been playing. Then she navigated me back to the couch, then the blanket, then the basket full of movie figurines, then to the game bookshelf, back to the couch, to the blanket, and the game shelf again. Ah ha it dawns on me she wants to see what's in the game boxes. Holy cow I'd better watch out! There's nothing like a 2 year old and 50 games full of tiny pieces to strike fear in a mother's heart. This is the first time I've been a little glad she's developmentally delayed. "Oh, no, " I say. "Those are not for you." Now that she's noticed them we might have a problem.

Still it's great to see that she GETS IT! She hasn't figured out how to use her finger to point yet but hopefully that will come. Then my hope is that after she's had a taste of mobility (even if it's me that's doing the moving.) that she'll be more motivated to get moving if I back of from taking her everywhere she wants to go. Besides, really, how long could I keep that up?

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